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April 04, 2007


Hi Kevin,

I like your solution, and appreciate you taking the time to post a response to the challenge on UT. In general, I have also found that more design thought up front can alleviate some of the complexities that result in needing "record oriented" processing.

For example, using the challenge above - assume that the business/customer has defined that knowing which Customer's invoice has crossed $1000 is an important measurement. It's simpler than even the SCAN loop in VFP. Drop a flag on your Invoice table that tracks this at Invoice save/edit time. It's simple, and makes collecting that information on the backend far less intesive and complicated.

SELECT * FROM Invoice WHERE (ExceededCustomerThreshold)

Obviously a simple example, but indicative of a style of development that promotes doing all of the thinking later (thus requiring more complex "data munging" abilities) rather than spreading it out.

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